5 Proven Fishing Line Brands to Stock

These five companies are some of the biggest players in the fishing line category. If you’re not stocking a decent selection from each one, you’re losing sales to competitors.

5 Proven Fishing Line Brands to Stock

Science and angler demand for products tailored to fishing application continues to drive R&D staffs and marketing minds to bring new and better fishing lines to market. Here’s a quick recap of offerings from five of the biggest players in the fishing line category.

Power Pro

The popular braid brand has added Power Pro Super 8 Slick V2 to its lineup, including a Moon Shine variety that glows under black light. The premium braid, also available Onyx, Hi-Vis Aqua, Marine Blue, and Moss Green, credits Enhanced Body Technology (EBT) for its performance characteristics. The company labels Super 8 Slick “the roundest, smoothest casting, easiest to use Superline on the market, period.” Power Pro Ice-Tec is a PTFE-coated line for ice fishing purported to repel water and prevent line freezing.

Pure Fishing

The tackle giant, which markets fishing line under the Berkley, Stren and Spiderwire brands, introduced SpiderWire Stealth Smooth 12 Braid during ICAST 2019. The braid is “tightly woven with 12 PE fibers” for improved roundness, strength, sensitivity and smooth, quiet flow through rod guides. Berkley Fireline Ultra 8, introduced more than a season ago, continues to draw plaudits and a following unusual for an upgrade. “In the lab, we knew it stood out,” said Tim Wiedow from Berkley’s research center in Spirit Lake, Iowa. “We ran a lot of iterations to get the right physical properties.”

A rod and reel combo perform best when matched with the correct line for a given lure presentation.
A rod and reel combo perform best when matched with the correct line for a given lure presentation.


The inventor of fluorocarbon lines expanded its premium braid offerings in 2018 with two new Smackdown braid colors: a high-vis Flash Green for line watchers and Stealth Gray, a blend-in variety. Seaguar’s Gold Label leader material was introduced at ICAST as the “thinnest leader material to date” from the company.


The biggest advancement from this Rapala-owned line maker is a pair of products under the “Sufix Advance” label. Advance is an improved monofilament, “Advance HPC (Hyper Copolymer) was a revolutionary process in that it incorporated HCP molecules into monofilament,” said Rapala’s Dan Quinn. “Advance GPT is a fluorocarbon utilizing our Gel Phase Technology.” 


Sunline Night FC features a blue coloring that glows under black light. Sunline calls it “the first fluorocarbon specifically designed for night fishing.” Designed to the specifications of bass pro Jason Christie, Power 2C FC adds a shock-absorption dimension and intermittent high-vis orange markings to a strong and abrasion-resistant fluorocarbon for power fishing. Sunline also leverages the science behind its products, such as the P-ion (Plasma Ion) technology applied to its Assassin, XPlasma Asegai, and Crank FC fluorocarbon lines and Fine Float monofilament.


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