Shimano Vanford, G. Loomis IMX-Pro Rods Now Shipping

Shimano Vanford spinning reels and G. Loomis IMX-Pro rods are making their way to tackle shops, a sign of positive news after months of worldwide supply chain upheaval.

Shimano Vanford, G. Loomis IMX-Pro Rods Now Shipping

The IMX-PRO lineup offers 10 rods with models to specifically use with swimbaits, bladed jig baits, Ned rigs, lipless crankbaits and when working ledges.

It may not sound like a monstrous breakthrough with everything going on in the country and world, but even a little good news is encouraging.

That was my first thought when I heard that Shimano Vanford spinning reels and G.Loomis IMX-PRO rods are making their way to tackle shops in the United States and Canada. The reels are the newest from Shimano, introduced earlier this summer during the virtual ICAST week, and the rods are technique-specific. That's nothing new from G.Loomis or other companies, of course. But the IMX-PRO rods incorporate some of today's popular techniques including the Ned rig and bladed jig baits such as the Chatterbait.

I don't mind any sign of positive news after months of upheaval with the worldwide supply chain. Good news is good news. I'll take it, and the industry should, too. Whether it's rods from St. Croix or G.Loomis, lures from Guatemala or elsewhere, reels at budget prices, fly rods starting at $850 or anything else that can fill pegs and racks, it's good to hear that anything's moving.

The IMX-PRO lineup offers 10 rods with models to specifically use with swimbaits, bladed jig baits, Ned rigs, lipless crankbaits and when working ledges, is now starting to show up at tackle shops throughout the U.S. and Canada.

The series includes three extra-fast action swimbait models, the 862C SWBR 7’2” medium and 863C SWBR medium-heavy power casting rods, along with a ‘micro swimbait’ medium power 882S SWBR 7’4” spinning version for lighter ball-headed swim jigs. The fast action 862C BJR 7’2” medium power and 883S BJR 7’4” medium-heavy power casting rods are designed for bladed jigs.

For anglers who love fishing ledges, the two IMX-PRO 7’7” casting rods include the 913C JWR in medium-heavy and 914C JWR heavy power to properly work hair jigs, football jigs and flutter spoons. And for the popular and effective Ned rig, the IMX-PRO Ned rig rods offered include two spinning models including the 831S FINR medium-light power 6’11” rod and the 882S FINR 7’4” medium power, both with extra-fast action.

According to G. Loomis senior planning manager David Brinkerhoff, all 74 IMX-PRO rods “take advantage of our on-going improvements in both our manufacturing processes and materials. We rely on our proprietary Multi-Taper Design to reinforce potential stress points in the blank to create optimal action and powers, and use exclusive G. Loomis materials - a blend of resin and fibers to gain the ultimate strength to weight durability, a Fuji ‘K’ frame Alconite tangle-free guide train, and more fishing comfort from increased palm swell to the full cork grips.”

The new Vanford spinning reels include seven sizes for ultralight and ice-fishing, panfish, trout, bass and walleye, along with models for redfish, sea trout, stripers, bluefish and smaller tarpon and tuna.

“Our spinning reels with CI4+ frames have been the choice for anglers looking for the added sensitivity when finesse tactics are the key for hook-ups,” said Adam Diehl with Shimano’s product development team. “The light CI4+ body with the light rotation from the MGL rotor is the big contributing factor for success in these situations compared to Shimano’s durable, rigid frame found HAGANE body in our Stradic FL spinning reels. They are each better suited for certain fishing situations depending on the techniques and lures being used.”

For ultralight and ice-fishing action, the 4.9-ounce Vanford 500 handles 105-yards of 8-pound test of regular or ICE-Tech PowerPro braid, or 100-yards of 4-pound monofilament. With a gear ratio of 5.6:1, it cranks in 27-inches per turn. The Vanford 1000, with a 5.1:1 gear ratio reeling in 25-inches per turn, holds 75-yards of 15-pound PowerPro or 160-yards of four-pound mono. At the same 5.3-ounce weight as the 1000, the Vanford C2000HG has larger spool capacity – 115-yards of 15-pound PowerPro or 105-yards of 8-pound mono, and its faster 6.1:1 gear ratio cranks in 32-inches per turn.

Targeting both largemouth and smallmouth bass – and select inshore salt use, the Vanford 2500HG and C3000XG weigh 6.3-ounces and offer up to 20 pounds of max drag pressure. With more ‘finesse-use’ felt drag washers, the 2500HG holds 145-yards of 15-pound PowerPro – or 140-yards of 8-pound mono and retrieves 35-inches of line per turn. With its 2500 size body, larger spool capacity, plus more saltwater-appropriate carbon drag washer, the Vanford C3000XG offers a faster 6.4:1 gear ratio to retrieve in 37-inches of line per turn. It handles 140-yards of 20-pound PowerPro or 170 yards of 8-pound mono.

Both with carbon drag washers, 24 pounds of max drag and 6.2:1 gear ratios to reel in 40-inches of line per turn, the Vanford 4000XG holds 180-yards of 30-pound PowerPro or 160-yards of 12-pound mono, while the larger capacity, same body size C5000XG handles 235-yards of 30-pound test PowerPro or 195-yards of 12-pound mono.  

Shimano Vanford
Shimano Vanford


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