Ice Fishing Tip: How to Tape Reels to Rods

Most ice anglers use small spinning reels and lightweight, cork-handled ice fishing rods. What’s the best way to tape the reel to the rod?

Ice Fishing Tip: How to Tape Reels to Rods

If you sell ice fishing rods in your store, then you know that many of them come with cork handles and no reel seat. In other words, if a customer buys an ice fishing rod from you and a small spinning reel, you or the customer has to attach reel to rod.

In my opinion, the best attachment system uses masking tape (as a base) and then electrical tape wrapped tightly over the reel foot and cork handle. My longtime friend Pat Smith does an excellent job of describing the process in the video below; I recommend watching it closely and showing it to your staff. The only point I’ll emphasize — and Pat covers it — is be sure to stretch the electrical tape significantly as you wrap it.

Sales tip: A great way to move more ice fishing rods and reels is to have several combos taped up and ready to roll. Masking tape and electrical tape is inexpensive, and your staff can rig combos in almost no time. Having ice fishing rod/reel combos pre-rigged makes the customer happy and the cash register sing. Of course, you can also sell the right size masking tape and electrical tape, which will save your DIY customers a trip to another store.


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