Bass Fishing: Getting Ready for the Hot Bite

While bass fishing remains open year-round throughout much of the country, anglers in the Midwest and North are planning (and purchasing!) for opening day.

Bass Fishing: Getting Ready for the Hot Bite

In many parts of the Midwest and North, bass fishing season closes during winter, but anglers still enjoy accidental catches while targeting panfish. Here, the author’s son, Elliott, holds a 20.5-inch Minnesota largemouth that smashed a small jigging spoon meant for mid-March crappies. The bass was immediately released after a quick photo.

As ice begins to melt in Canada and the northern parts of the United States, and waters warm from coast to coast as spring approaches, millions of anglers prepare for another bass fishing season. I’ve said it many times before: My favorite fish to catch is a muskie, but my favorite fish to pursue is a bass.

The reason? Casting huge, hard-pulling muskie lures is a physical and mental grind. A marathon. Uphill. Sure, the finish line is sweet, but the path getting there is almost always brutal.

In contrast, casting for bass is a thrill, even when the bite is slow. It brings a smile to my face just thinking about working a hollow-bodied frog across the pads, skipping soft-plastics under a dock, burning a vibrating jig around underwater wood, or pitchin’ a weedless jig into a pocket.

Finesse bass tactics are fun, too. I love watching my line twitch to indicate a subtle strike as my lightweight jigworm slinks through deep cabbage. And after the hookset, it’s hard not to giggle as the line races to the surface and you know at any second a bass will catapult toward the clouds.

Stated simply: I have bass on the brain.

As we embrace spring and rising water temps, Bait & Tackle Business will dedicate a large amount of its online content to America’s favorite gamefish, the largemouth bass, but we’ll cover lures and gear for smallmouth and spotted bass, too. It’s our goal to provide you with solid information that helps you stock the right lines, lures, rods, reels and fishing accessories for your customers, while also providing tips on how to better serve those anglers who walk through your front door.

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The author spends much of his time during spring and summer targeting largemouth bass in his home state of Minnesota.
The author spends much of his time during spring and summer targeting largemouth bass in his home state of Minnesota.


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