8 Tips for Displaying Hot New Fishing Lures

Hot new fishing lures won’t be new for long, and while they might be hot for some time, it pays to have displays in your store that quickly grab the attention of customers.

8 Tips for Displaying Hot New Fishing Lures

New fishing lures often garner more attention with end caps and special displays.

The following eight tips should get you started toward effectively displaying hot new fishing lures in your store.

  1. Location, location, location. Put hot new product displays in can’t miss locations — on tables or gondolas near entry areas or checkout counters, on front-facing end caps, or in prime walk-through areas. 
  2. Roll with the seasons. Many products make easy sales seasonally and need nothing more than an eyeball reminder to capture a buyer.
  3. Do your homework. Make a habit of scouring angling news, social media and YouTube for tips and insights into hot new baits and techniques.
  4. Reload regularly. Don’t limit yourself to mere seasonal rotation at your hot new product display. Put a fresh face on your pegboard whenever a fresh idea comes to you.
  5. Talk to the young guys. The minds of young anglers are like sponges, and most have their eyes glued to the internet. Some will be on the trail of the next hot bait well before you know it exists.
  6. Tap the locals. Ask guides and reliable local anglers who have a finger on the pulse of local waters about the baits that are bringing fish to boat right now. Press your sources for details on brands, sizes and colors.
  7. Color matters. Lure colors turn an angler’s head. Local tournament fishermen are always on the lookout for a color the fish haven’t yet seen. Add new colors of proven baits whenever they become available.
  8. Take names and numbers. Some products make their biggest splash well before their official launch. ICAST New Product Showcase winners may get their hottest run of press coverage four to six months — or even more — before they appear in stores. Build on your hot new product reputation by taking orders early and calling your customers directly after the product arrives.
Use the power of bold packaging to push hot new fishing lures.
Use the power of bold packaging to push hot new fishing lures.


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